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Pain on top of the foot

Pain on the top of the foot (which is probably dorsal midfoot interosseous compression syndrome) is becoming seen more often due to the trend to barefoot and minimalist running. The constant load on the forefoot is causing a forefoot dorsiflexion moment that is greater than what the tissues can tolerate and the pain on the top of the foot develops as the dorsal jamming of the midfoot joints. The treatment of this pain on the top of the foot is to increase the plantarflexion moments which is done by using a running form that heel strikes, using a heel raise, using a foot orthotic that has design features to plantarflex the forefoot and using calf stretching.

Poor Circulation

Poor circulation is something that complicates many podiatry problems. When intermittent claudication sets in, its time for a vascular surgery consult. There is a recent post on Podiatry Arena (Intermittent claudication testing and differential diagnosis) with a question about the differential diagnosis of intermittent claudication. Musculoskleteal causes is probably the most common, but there are some others such as a compartment syndrome or a nerve entrapment. The treatment options these days are much better for those with peripheral vasucalr disease. The Foot Health Forum has a number of threads from people with poor circulation and it is always helpful to peruse them to see what people with the condition actually think about their problems.

Nulled vBulletin

I admin several forums and for them all we currently use vBulletin. This is a stable and well maintained software for running forums. There have been some issues in the recent past how they may or may not have treated customers with a change to the pricing structure. I have stuck with them and have no issues. I am happy to pay my way. What I am not happy about is the flourishing black market in nulled vBulletin. This is the version of the paid software that has had the licensing and encryption information removed and is used illegally. Obviously those with nulled vBulletin will get no support from the company.

POSTSCRIPT: Just added this entry at PodiaPaedia on this topic.

Foot Detoxing

I can’t believe that so many people are that gullible that they fall for the foot detox scam and I can’t believe that so many keep a straight face when they try and sell it. But it is selling well!

A foot detox is a bowl of water with some pads through which pass a small ion charge. You put the feet in the water and this is supposed to help rid the body of toxins. The evidence that it is doing this is the change in colour of the water as the foot detox takes place. It has been well demonstrated in a number of you tube videos that this foot detox is a scam. The water will even change colour if the feet are not even immersed in it.

The foot detox is really resting on the body detox movement and all of its dubious claims made for it.

Don’t fall for the foot detox scam.

Plantar Fasciitis

One thing that I have come to the realisation with recently is that plantar fasciitis is due to too much load on the plantar fascia (kind of simple when you think about it!). So to treat plantar fasciitis you need to reduce that load. You reduce that load with weight loss, strapping, stretching and foot orthotics. Pretty much none of the other treatments for plantar fasciitis reduce the load. That does not mean that they are not helpful, as they will help the tissues heal, but I have to ask just how effective they are for plantar fasciitis if the load in the plantar fascia is not reduced.

That also raises the issue of foot orthotics for plantar fasciitis. The design features used on the foot orthoses have to reduce the load in the plantar fasciitis. Not all foot orthotics have design features that do that. Pretty much every single failed foot orthotic for plantar fasciitis that I have seen recently did not reduce the load. Adding design features to those orthotics help in most cases. Understanding these principle have really lead to what I believe is a massive increase in the success rate of using foot orthotics for plantar fasciitis.

In the last year or so I have add little use for any treatments for plantar fasciitis other than stretching and foot orthotics (with the right design features).

My latest blog post on plantar fasciitis is over at Running Research Junkie and on Its a Foot Captain!

Paid Forum Posting

Have just done a stint of paid forum posting. This is being paid to post on forum! It was kinda cool. It does not pay much and most of this get outsources to countries like India and Pakistan. Paid forum posting is usually used by owners of new forums and as I run a couple of forums, I thought I would have a go at helping out on some forums that are new. I have been there done that! Running a forum is not easy and have a think about the time you have visited a forums. Which forums do you revisit? Surely it’s the ones that are active and busy, so there is nothing worse for a forum admin to have an inactive forum. This is where paid forum posting comes in. New forum owners contract a number of paid forum posting firms to populate their forum with the initial content to get it going. Usually those who do the posting do not hang around and are not good long term members, but they do provide that initial content to get the forum going.

Growing Pains

There is a lot of misunderstanding about growing pains in children. The terms growing pains is unfortunately used as a term to dismiss anything like leg pains in children. The term growing pains should really be reserved for pain in the leg of children; that only occurs at night (usually wakes them from sleep); is in the back of the knee or upper calf muscle; and is self-limiting. If the pain is in bone or a joint or occurs during the day, then it is something else. Some of the other causes of growing pains in children are potentially very serious, so all need to be investigated to see if it’s a true growing pain or one of those rarer serious problems. The cause of growing pains in children is not really known, but it does appear to be related to biochemical issues associated with fatigue. The treatment of growing pains in children is really just reassurance of the child, some gentle massage to get them back to sleep.


I used to be an editor at DMOZ which is the largest website directory on the web. It lists about 5 million sites in half a million categories. Even though it is owned by AOL, it is run by an army of volunteers. Webmasters want to get their websites listed in DMOZ because of a belief (which may or may not be true) that being listed in DMOZ helps a site rank well in the search engines.  Because of that belief, there is a lot of angst from webmasters sites who make all sorts of allegations about corruption at DMOZ and that are why they cannot get listed. In my time as an editor of came across nothing that could be construed as corruption or favouritism. There probably is some but is probably so insignificant and does not warrant mentioning. All those making these claims in SEO forums about it, never provide any evidence to support their allegations. Why is that?

These links may help understand it some more:

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Croydon Total Footcare

This is the wife’s clinic: Croydon Total Foot Care is a well-established podiatry clinic in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne Australia. She has been at it for over 15 years now.

They have a full range of podiatry services for patient.
Please phone 9722 9422 for an appointment to see a Podiatrist in Croydon.

I have been known to occasionally work there, but I very busy with my own ventures and looking after the girls!

Onychomycosis laser therapy

I not much of an expert in onychomycosis, but have been following the debate and discussions on onychomycosis laser therapy. The laser for onychomycosis is new and expensive. Several devices have now been approved by the FDA as safe. In promotion of this method, it is interesting how that approval is being linked to the efficacy of the method when it does not. There have been no independent clinical trials on the method to compare it to placebo or the current topical or oral medication used, yet some extraordinary claims are made for how effective it is. All the research at the moment is some unpublished small clinical outcome studies done by the companies – this is the basis of the claims! My interest in not really if onychomycosis laser is effective or not, its watching how this technology develops and the claims made for. The pattern is similar to what has happened in the past with other new high tech treatments. They all eventually found their place, but none lived up to the hype and touting of how good they were. Surely alarm bells should start ringing when You Tube videos on onychomycosis laser start appearing to tout the method. The insurance companies are not covering the cost as they consider it still experimental.